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Purpose of the society:

The African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association (ACSCA) is a proud Associate Member of the BC Soccer Association and is also a registered non for profit organization incorporated in the province of British Columbia under the Society Act File Number S - 53842.

The purposes of the society are:

  • To hold an annual soccer tournament that will provide a time of quality soccer, showcasing a variety of talent from many ethnic backgrounds and ages from Canada and around the world.
  • To provide player development; encourage the participation of women and children; and to organize functions throughout the year that will provide an excellent opportunity for cultural events such as community awards, dance, music and sampling of various ethnic cuisines.

The African Soccer Tournament is a concept that was initiated through a recreational soccer sporting activity and socialization among the African community, aimed at promoting interaction, unity and commonality of purpose while they attempted to acclimatize themselves in their new adopted homes.  This initial activity quickly caught attention and started drawing more and more people who were genuinely interested and excited about the whole event.  Before long, it swelled in size and momentum and dynamically evolved into a steady and continuously structured social and community routine.  The socialization and exchange of ideas of common interest that usually followed the sporting aspect of it was as exhilarating as it was constructively purposeful and informative.

Another noticeably interesting aspect of these regular gatherings was that dramatically, the popularity of it started transcending cultural divides and breaking racial barriers, and soon drew in people from different and all racial groups that were authentically desiring to be part of that new development.  In all sincerity, they were as active as anyone else, in fostering the initiative that they believed and hoped would serve social and human purpose.  For this, we will always be grateful, as this represented the very epitome of racial understanding, integration, equality and unity.

At this point, it became apparent that the whole trend was leading to something significant and huge with respect to its ability to impact the different communities not only in their positive outlook of communal life, but also to find common grounds of interactivity; all the marks of a healthy and progressive society.

As all these went on, a couple of fellows; Ray, Adebo Mahmoud, Ocheng Lubayi and Olal Andrew (Dr), visualized, conceptualised then consolidated the idea of making the soccer sporting activity, along with its socialising components, to adopt a yearly grand event.  This small group of individuals were joined by fellows like Jackson, Nasir and and others; thus, the start of the African Soccer Tournament.  From this amble beginning, the Tournament, supported and kept alive over the years by the determined and devoted commitment and efforts of Adebo and Ocheng, always assisted by Christine and other equally devoted individuals, whose names are not mentioned here but who did a splendid and commendable job, grew into the spectacular yearly event that it is today.

As it stands now, the African Soccer Tournament draws people from cross-section of the society, with participants, attendees and fans coming from multi-cultural base and communities in British Columbia, Canada, and the United States of America.  The Tournament has even drawn participants who came from cross-continental Europe.  It has transformed itself into a great avenue and opportunity for Sponsors, Advertisers and Promoters as it provides a wide exposure for Businesses and other organizations.  It also features Family and Cultural Dance Activities.  There is also food Cuisines from different parts of the world and provides the opportunity to come to know and taste the flavours from different cultures.

Acknowledgement also goes to the various Teams that have participated in the African Soccer Tournament over the years.  Their presence and support really made the Tournament the success that it is today.  For their role, we feel obliged and highly indebted.  They cannot be thanked enough.

1994 - 2014 ACSCA Participating Teams
Afro-Columbia Liberia Sierra Leone
Angola Libya Somalia
Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) Morocco South Africa
Eritrea Mozambique Sudan
Ethiopia Nigeria Tanganyika
Ghana Pacific 96ers Uganda
Ivory Coast Egypt Vancouver United
Kenya Rwanda Youth Stars

A very special feature of the Tournament is the Children’s Mini Tournament that runs alongside the event.


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