Welcome to the 2018 Africa United Spring-Summer Youth Soccer Program. Registration will open on March 01, 2018 and all interested players New and Returning MUST register online. We are excited to issue the new customized Africa United training Jacket that will be given to all registered and paid players.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for those “selected” players that demonstrate an above average skill-level as well as demonstrate discipline, team work, punctuality and eagerness to learn, to participate in the extra curricular development activities which will include exhibition games and invitational tournaments in and out of town. The coaches will throughout the season identify these players and offer them an invitation to the player who will voluntarily choose to participate in these extra activities. Extra fees will apply to “Select Players” for the extra curricular activities.

As always, at Africa United, we make every effort to accommodate every child that is interested in playing soccer regardless of their financial situation. Financial Assistance is available through Canadian Tire JumpStart Program and KidSport Canada.

Further details can be picked up at this link https://www.acsca.net/au/ytc/youth-training-center-information/