Africa United FC (AUFC) – Youth Training Center Code of Conduct for Parents and Players

  1. Parents will make soccer participation for their child and others a positive experience and will encourage their child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  2. Parents and players will never question the coaches’ judgment or honesty in public and in addition to supporting their child; parents agree to support the efforts of Africa United FC.
  3. Parents will ensure that their child gets to practices and any scheduled tournaments that Africa United registers to compete in on time and will support the efforts of the coaches in their decisions for the betterment of the team during these tournaments
  4. Any verbal or physical abuse by any players and or parents will result in automatic ejection from Africa United FC without due process. Players are aware that verbal abuse, any act of racism or discrimination, violence or physical intimidation are harmful to the game of soccer and they pledge not to use such tactics.
  5. Parent are encouraged to report immediately to the Program Manager or any immediate person in authority if they notice any acts of abuse-verbal or physical, discrimination, racism or any act that reflects negatively to the Youth Program by any person. Africa United is a community based program that is all inclusive and every child is welcome to play regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sex or cultural background. Any player, parent, coach or member of Africa United found acting to the contrary will be immediately removed from the Program.
  6. There will be no smoking or drinking alcohol in front of the children during practices or at participating tournaments that Africa United registers for.
  7. Players are committed to participating for Africa United FC with integrity, and pledge to learn, understand and adhere to both the written rules of soccer and the accepted rules of FIFA fair play.
  8. Players understand that coaches, teammates and all participating officials are integral to the success of Africa United FC and are worthy of their respect.
  9. It is the player and parent’s responsibility to maintain self-control and to accept the coach’s decisions without argument, play with intensity and desire but without hostility, and behave graciously in triumph or defeat.
  10. Players pledge to do their best at all times and to strive for success and to be reminded at all times that the coaches and officials are there to help them get better at playing soccer.