Africa United Youth Training Centre aims to identify and develop the best players in British Columbia. The Training Centre is open to players from any team, club or organization. We design high level, age and skill appropriate development programs overseen by experienced staff coaches. Our aim is to create optimal programs to identify and correct potential technical weaknesses; we progressively strive to improve and develop each player’s tactical knowledge and awareness. Most importantly, the Training Centre’s objective is to develop the player’s confidence to compete at a higher level.

Weekly training topics will include technical mastery, dribbling, shooting, passing, tackling, heading, and tactical awareness with and without the possession of the ball. We are precise in our curriculum and we are demanding. Students gain a sense of confidence and also leave with a clear plan to control their own personal development in the years to come. We develop all- around soccer player that can successfully overcome different situations on the pitch.

Fitness & Sports Conditioning for Soccer Players

The Training Centre incorporates aspects of physical training such as speed, strength, agility, coordination. Africa United teams up with SFS to form a dynamic partnership in the development of elite soccer players. Each player will experience the latest trends speed, power, agility, coordination, reaction and quickness training. Through constant repetition and dynamic movements, players will develop the necessary strength and speed that can later be transferred to all aspects of their respective sport.

For a detailed look at Africa United’s Long Term Athlete development programs and services we offer, check out the contact us for more information.