The market is currently dissatisfied because contact time between players and coach is often too brief. Players are forced to absorb and process an enormous amount of information without the adequate rate of repetitions required for the player to retain the information. This segment of the market is greatly underserved because the academies often do not have enough experienced coaches for the number of children present. By having multiple training session options, players will have the opportunity and repetition time to absorb and retain information that will help accelerate that individual or team’s development. Our program places great emphasize on maximizing the number of experienced coaches for the number of players simply because we believe all players do not process information at the same rate. The Training Centre has group of coaches who have played or are currently playing professional soccer and they know what it takes to get players to the next level. By dividing all training sessions into small grouped stages, coaches will have the opportunity to focus more attention on the individual player’s needs.

Research indicates that this niche is primed to accept our offering because we are providing all these features at a considerably lower price than the competition. In association with our partners. Africa United has designed products and services that will satisfy customers’ wants and needs because of the following reasons:

We offer a specialized soccer and sport performance training:

  • We offer subsidized rates, flexible training starting points for people of all ages and experience level.
  • Our training programs are designed in partnership with sport industry and are based on a carefully designed long-term development model.
  • We understand the needs of sport organizations and as a result provide programs and services that cater directly to those needs.
  • Athletes who train with us learn the important skills that coaches want.
  • Our training programs are flexibly designed and delivered. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and do everything we can to address specific needs of each one of our clients.
  • Africa United currently operates Men teams in the Multicultural League and the Nations Cup Western Canada’s Premier Soccer Tournament. In order to advance the progression of our students, we will expose them to training sessions and games in these men’s league. No player will be exposed to this environment unless it has been cleared by our coaches and parents.

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